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Rajgad – King of Forts

The Sanjivani Machee

Sanjivani Machee as is from Balekilla

The Balekilla

Balekilla as is from Padmavati Machee

RajgadKing of forts.

Vitthalwadi IT Milan organized an overnight Trek to Rajgad on 3rd and 4th March 2012. It was an amazing experience to witness the sunset and sunrise both from the place which every Indian should be proud of, the Rajgad.

All the forts are as much important as Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has made their usage for fighting against Mughals.  And their place is simply significant, incomparable and non- replaceable.

Brief Information about Rajgad –

The place where most of the time of his lifespan (24 years) has spent by Shivaji Maharaj is Rajgad Fort.

It is the first capital of Hindavi Swarajya established.

This fort is built on Murumb Devaachaa Dongar and is in Gunjan Maval area, and the best strategical place at that time.

The money received from battle for Toranaa Fort near Rajgad is utilized in construction of this fort.

Rajgad witness important expeditions, events and most of the battles fought by Shivaji Maharaj, some to mention as Afzalkhaan Vadh, burial of Afzalkhaan’s head in Mahadarawaaja of Balekilla,  Shaahistekhaan mohim in Lal Mahal in Pune, Purandar Treaty, Agra escape, Birth of Rajaram Maharaj, the death of Queen Saibai , antayatraa of Tanaaji Mausare to his village in Konkan  etc.

The diameter of the fort at the base is 40 km making it difficult for anybody to lay siege to it.*

The fort has Balekilla (center) and three machee, Padmavati Machee, Suvela Machee, Sanjivani Machee.

There are many ways to reach to top. The one from Pali Darawaja, which reaches to Padamavati Machee is the Rajmarg (official road, which is comparatively easy to trek on). All the other approaches to peak are Chor darawaje (hidden ways, these are tough one), these are generally used by the spies and in case of emergencies, that is why many of them goes to the villages surrounding the fort in all directions at base, some to mention are from Gunjavane, Vajeghar, Bhutunde and Male.

Something For Social Cause

We also contributed in Cleaning Campaign of Rajgad, in which we collected all non degradable wastes (plastic bags, bottles etc.) to make this historical place more beautiful.

Travel Information from Pune

There is State Transport available upto Gunjavane, Wajeghar, Vellha. And form there we can choose any of the route.

* From Wikipedia, Please refer for more details –RAJGAD

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Best Regards,

Prafull Joshi

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