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Credibility of !ncredibility

Tomorrow, 15.08.2011, India will turn 64. Third generation of the freedom fighters is now participating in politics, holding responsible positions, driving the nation and few to mention. But looking into the way the things are going now a days, only one question rises in mind that, Is this what all they wished for, Is this what they scarified their lives for?

Corruption, the most burning, and shameful as well, issue from the beginning. It is so much deep rooted in the society that you cannot get a single work done in a Govt. office without bribing. No single event will happen without having it clean and neat. No single public work gets completed with proposed quality and quantity. Everybody is looking for filling his or her house, no matter what is his or her capability is, no matter what level is getting reached, no matter what our ancestors have taught to us. Its all becoming the blame game and everybody has its hands on it, everybody is contributing and trying to disclose the others’ contribution. Name a sector without having allegation for corruption in it. Corruption is now not limited to desks and transfers beneath it. It’s now a corporate style white collar thing which has pervaded all the sectors, affecting the common man’s life very badly.

Who cares attitude is one of the cause for this, unless we get affected in a way or other from it we do not complain. Unless we are not safe we do not bother about the problems of others. Unless the the stone is not getting thrown on our houses, we think everything is cool. Corruption has cankered the whole system so severely, we being the part of it has to make it strong. We all know, Single rotten thing can make damage to all, better get rid of the one. Thank god,  we are blessed with ability to make mistakes and then correct it, everybody has right to confess and correct the wrong deeds.

Its not so difficult just to have Will Power to irradiate the corruption, remember the treasure of Morality, Ethics our ancestors has kept open for us.

Things are changing, awareness is getting created. We are not here just to complain about system, we, as responsible citizens, are not here to find out the problems only. We have to find out the solutions.

Let’s take the oath to think beyond, to be honest with ourselves, with our dear ones’, with our motherland. When that golden day will come, that will be our true INDEPENDENCE DAY.

The journey to find out solutions to be continued…

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