Rajgad – King of Forts

The Sanjivani Machee

Sanjivani Machee as is from Balekilla

The Balekilla

Balekilla as is from Padmavati Machee

RajgadKing of forts.

Vitthalwadi IT Milan organized an overnight Trek to Rajgad on 3rd and 4th March 2012. It was an amazing experience to witness the sunset and sunrise both from the place which every Indian should be proud of, the Rajgad.

All the forts are as much important as Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has made their usage for fighting against Mughals.  And their place is simply significant, incomparable and non- replaceable.

Brief Information about Rajgad –

The place where most of the time of his lifespan (24 years) has spent by Shivaji Maharaj is Rajgad Fort.

It is the first capital of Hindavi Swarajya established.

This fort is built on Murumb Devaachaa Dongar and is in Gunjan Maval area, and the best strategical place at that time.

The money received from battle for Toranaa Fort near Rajgad is utilized in construction of this fort.

Rajgad witness important expeditions, events and most of the battles fought by Shivaji Maharaj, some to mention as Afzalkhaan Vadh, burial of Afzalkhaan’s head in Mahadarawaaja of Balekilla,  Shaahistekhaan mohim in Lal Mahal in Pune, Purandar Treaty, Agra escape, Birth of Rajaram Maharaj, the death of Queen Saibai , antayatraa of Tanaaji Mausare to his village in Konkan  etc.

The diameter of the fort at the base is 40 km making it difficult for anybody to lay siege to it.*

The fort has Balekilla (center) and three machee, Padmavati Machee, Suvela Machee, Sanjivani Machee.

There are many ways to reach to top. The one from Pali Darawaja, which reaches to Padamavati Machee is the Rajmarg (official road, which is comparatively easy to trek on). All the other approaches to peak are Chor darawaje (hidden ways, these are tough one), these are generally used by the spies and in case of emergencies, that is why many of them goes to the villages surrounding the fort in all directions at base, some to mention are from Gunjavane, Vajeghar, Bhutunde and Male.

Something For Social Cause

We also contributed in Cleaning Campaign of Rajgad, in which we collected all non degradable wastes (plastic bags, bottles etc.) to make this historical place more beautiful.

Travel Information from Pune

There is State Transport available upto Gunjavane, Wajeghar, Vellha. And form there we can choose any of the route.

* From Wikipedia, Please refer for more details –RAJGAD

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Best Regards,

Prafull Joshi

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My Italy Trip

February 12, 2012 Leave a comment

       Me and my friends visited Italy and some places there in Ester holidays in 2010. Here are my experiences in Italy (Rome, Venice, Vatiican) journey from Zurich. Also recommended some places for a short trip. Hope this will help you if you are planning for Italy Visit.


More pics on Flickr –


Leave from Zurich to Mila and connecting train from Milan to Rome (Roma Termini).

Book hotel near Roma Termini preferably.

Day 1 (Colosseum and rest Rome)

                Outside Roma Termini you will find bus stop, and Hop on Hop off busses for day excursion is also good option.

When you reach Roma Termini get the Roma Pass for that many day you have planned to leave.. 2 days are sufficient as per plan below ( Costs around 25 Euro not sure for now)

Get the bus to Colosseum, take a Guide in English specifically by joining a bigger Group to get some discount. It will take half day to see the Colosseum. While reaching to Colosseum you can get down 2-3 stops before, there is a cathedral in memory of Soldiers, worth looking. Spend 2 Hours there.

Day 2 (Vatican City)

                There is direct bus to Vatican from Roma termini. Reach there by 9 – 9:30 in morning. Get a guide otherwise you wont understand anything. Also guide will give you direct entry without waiting in long queue.

Spend till 3 PM in Vatican.

Places to visit – Basilica, Dome, the main cathedral, arts of Michel Angelo. And not to miss is the St. Peter’s square.

When finished with Vatican, at walking distance you will see the Michel Angelo’s Castle. Its also worth to visit once. There is market outside do some shopping. There is famous Italian Geleteria for Ice cream, try it.

PS – You can come to Colosseum by walking from Vatican ,in between there are many places listed below.

In Rome there are plenty of places to visit in both the evenings.

  • Spanish Steps – must spend at least one evening there. as crowded as lakshmi road 🙂
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Something del piazza.. many are churches but art work is famous. There are fountains in almost all squares in Rome.
  • Spend your night seeing the Colosseum from outside, lighting is worth watching.
  • Also visit the Parliament and the fountains outside, near to Roma Termini.

PS – See the movie Angles and Demons for complete Rome view. 🙂 (Or read the Book by Dan Brown)

Day 3 (Florence (Pisa Tower))

Catch train to Pisa via florence, I have not visited this, but as wonder you can visit. Its a bit off way from train to Venice from Rome hence we dropped this location, but the Garden in front of Pisa is good.

Day 4 (Venice)

It’s a place of more than 700 islands.. There are 2 main railway stations, go to the one which will drop you near Venice and for this you will have to travel over the sea for around 20 mins in train. Else there are Shuttle buses running as well.

  • There are many museums churches and historical Tower (Ahista Ahista – Bachana e Hasino song was shoot there) U can see the video before going there. take the song in your Phone 🙂
  • There is a glass factory on one island, worth visit the demo he shows.
  • Lido Beach – Artificial beach to visit once
  • Murano – Burano islands – Worth visit, takes around 45 mins by Boat to reach. So have some good time spared for them.
  • There are many islands worth visit see how you can manage with time.
Please provide your feedback for this post about how you find it.
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A trip to Nilkantheshwar Temple, Pune.

October 2, 2011 4 comments

Nilkantheshwar (God with Violet throat) Temple, a much peaceful and not so crowded place near to Pune, Maharashtra. It was our Saptahik Milan Trip on 24th Sept. 2011. Nilkantheshwar is famous among the devotees of Bhagwan Shankarji, is also famous for its uniqueness of presentation of numerous statues of all mythological characters and their stories in Hindu mythology.

Approach – Nilkantheshwar is in Sangarun Tahasil in Pune District. It is around 40 Kms from Pune. Can be approached from Warje or Wall side road of Khadakwasala dam. The green and calm roadways in your way will make you fill happy and something doing worth. Vehicles can be taken to the base of the hill and then a walk/climb of about 30-45 minutes is sufficient to reach the temple.

The big statue of Bhagwan Shankar and Nidrista (Sleeping) Hanumaan can be seen at the entrance. More number of devotees can be seen in Shravan Maas and on every thursday. The main attraction here is the big statues and the mythological stories explained through these statues. It can be very learning experience for all age people if someone knowing stories from mythology can explain them to all, specially for children. We can see the stories about the Navnaath Janma for all the nine Naath, stories from Ramayan, Mahabharat, different stories of Bhagwan Shankar, Shri Mahakali, Mahananda, Parashuram and Renuka Mata. The view of Lekurwala Vithoba in the background of Torna gad is amazing one.

In between you can view the two side by side walls of Panshet Dam and Varasgav Dam. The rainy reason view of complete greenery along with hugh backwater of the dams is really eye soothing.

We played a game of catching places of each other with mentioning some special but common thing among ourselves, giving punishment as to tell more information about self to other. This helps us to get more deep relations with each other.

For more snaps please visit and comment on at – Nilkantheshwar

Facilities – There is canteen facility available at the temple and dormitories can be asked in advance to have a residential trip. Though the place is worth visit once and making much efforts for the betterment, we can contribute there for the good work.

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Credibility of !ncredibility

August 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Tomorrow, 15.08.2011, India will turn 64. Third generation of the freedom fighters is now participating in politics, holding responsible positions, driving the nation and few to mention. But looking into the way the things are going now a days, only one question rises in mind that, Is this what all they wished for, Is this what they scarified their lives for?

Corruption, the most burning, and shameful as well, issue from the beginning. It is so much deep rooted in the society that you cannot get a single work done in a Govt. office without bribing. No single event will happen without having it clean and neat. No single public work gets completed with proposed quality and quantity. Everybody is looking for filling his or her house, no matter what is his or her capability is, no matter what level is getting reached, no matter what our ancestors have taught to us. Its all becoming the blame game and everybody has its hands on it, everybody is contributing and trying to disclose the others’ contribution. Name a sector without having allegation for corruption in it. Corruption is now not limited to desks and transfers beneath it. It’s now a corporate style white collar thing which has pervaded all the sectors, affecting the common man’s life very badly.

Who cares attitude is one of the cause for this, unless we get affected in a way or other from it we do not complain. Unless we are not safe we do not bother about the problems of others. Unless the the stone is not getting thrown on our houses, we think everything is cool. Corruption has cankered the whole system so severely, we being the part of it has to make it strong. We all know, Single rotten thing can make damage to all, better get rid of the one. Thank god,  we are blessed with ability to make mistakes and then correct it, everybody has right to confess and correct the wrong deeds.

Its not so difficult just to have Will Power to irradiate the corruption, remember the treasure of Morality, Ethics our ancestors has kept open for us.

Things are changing, awareness is getting created. We are not here just to complain about system, we, as responsible citizens, are not here to find out the problems only. We have to find out the solutions.

Let’s take the oath to think beyond, to be honest with ourselves, with our dear ones’, with our motherland. When that golden day will come, that will be our true INDEPENDENCE DAY.

The journey to find out solutions to be continued…

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